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Leading Providers of Sheet Metal Fabrication Services in Hampshire

We provide a wide range of sheet metal fabrication services in Hampshire, contact us today for a free quote!

Sheet Metal Fabrication Services in Hampshire

Our Services

CNC Punching & Forming

You can be assured that our punching and forming services are taken care of using our state-of-the-art technology.

Fit & Finishing

We have the skills needed to hand finish components using an array of abrasive methods, or we can automate smaller parts.


We can provide and are highly trained in MIG and TIG on stainless steel and mild steel. We use only the best equipment.


We have experience in all the latest design software, reducing our turnaround time and making our production line run more quickly.

Plant Machinery

We’re continually reinvesting in our plant to use the latest technology.

CNC Punching & Forming

We have the latest Amada AE2510 NT thick turret press, which utalizes a servo electric ram to help reduce power consumption and part cost as well as improves control over the ram for faster and more consistent punching.

Coupled with an extensive catalogue of tooling we’re able to form a wide range of features, from countersinks, counterbores and other formed features all autonomously in one operation, allowing for fewer secondary operations to help reduce costs and production times.

We aim to reduce our cycle times by doing the following:


T&C Precision creates the very best quality MIG & TIG welding equipment – using only the very best quality aluminium. Our team of specialists are also trained in MIG and TIG on stainless and mild steels in favoured material thickness. 

T&C Precision have the capacity for the following welding processes using the latest welding technology:

Fit & Finishing

Our expert team can hand finish components using an array of abrasive methods and our vibratory finishing machine can automate finishing smaller components. We provide a high quality finish that we can guarantee you’ll be satisfied with – every time. 

At T&C, our PEM insertion machinery gives our customers the ability to insert all major PEM and 3rd party fittings. These can range from clinch nuts, blind standoffs and hand brushes, and you can choose from a wide range of materials and thicknesses.

At T&C we have the capacity to insert a wide range of PEM & PEM alternative fittings and fixtures using the following processes and machines:

We at T&C can offer a wide range of finishes and final processes on your parts using the latest deburring and finishes machines, we can offer upto 240grit grained finish or complete rumbled part with no sharp edges.

Plant Machinery

Our staff are knowledgable and have extensive experience in using these products:

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

We have a vast amount of knowledge and experience in the latest design software. We’re able to reduce lead times by ensuring all of our customer’s parts are up to date. Additionally, we’re also able to produce prototypes more quickly, as we can open a wide range of drawing file formats, including 2D / 3D files.

Our experienced team produce 3D models from 2D drawings in Solidworks. We also have a catalogue of calculations and flattening tools that assist in creating 2D patterns out of 3D models.

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